Big Kid Lab is the digital brain of Annabel Blake (they/them)👋

I'm a researcher, designer and children’s author. Right now you can find me conducting edtech research @Canva.

Big Kid Lab is where I store and share the tools I use to work and play. It’s always growing, just like my brain.

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Tools and resources

Discover what tools I use to get the job done






A collection of my favourite resources

Job Hunters Field Guide

🌳 Digital Knowledge Garden (30+ pages)



How to Conduct Playful UX Research with Kids

Are 'princess' characters limiting girls engagement with STEM?

How to stay human and work with AI

Are we talking about innovation all wrong?

The Dog Ate My Anxiety


🏔 Everest, Lockdown and Worry Eaters

☕ Social Coffee Machines, Rolly Pollys, and Optimism

🐛 Mail bugs, paper phones and the nature of technological change

🤖 Tiny robots, RFID paper and stroppy couches

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